Trunk Fish USVI
It was a quiet night here in Christmas Cove! The wind was low and with the ferries not running all night it was very calm. We were up at 6 am. Already 77 degrees and the water temperature is 80 degrees. Coffee is brewing in our percolator and I noticed that the bananas were ripe so I put together a batch of banana bread. I always buy the bananas green so they won’t ripen too fast. I get to eat a few and the rest are used for banana bread because they ripen too quickly. Now it was time to get in the water and finish cleaning the bottom of the boat. We started yesterday but the water got too rough. The neat thing about cleaning the bottom of the boat is fish start coming around. Ballyhoo were eating just a few feet from me, going back and forth fast. Trunk fish liked something coming off the bottom and then helping us too, by eating something off the bottom themselves. Three southern rays are on the bottom floor of the ocean, looking for breakfast. They are digging for crustaceans and trying to get away from the Bar jacks that shadow them. It is a sight to see. A green turtle came by to see how we were doing, just swimming under the boat. It came almost right up to me! Maybe it was saying “hey dude you’re working too hard” and then it swam away. Of course the cleaning wouldn’t be complete without the local big barracuda making his way around. They have never bothered us they just are curious. By the time we were done I thought what a great way to start the day. We are Blessed!