Sailing Lessons – How To Lower the Dinghy

There are many tasks or jobs involved with sailing a boat. On Mango, we frequently use our dinghy, named Salsa, to travel to land and our favorite snorkeling locations. Since the dinghy is typically stowed on davits to reduce drag while sailing, this job is a good to be familiar with if you want to go for a dinghy ride.

Steps to Lower The Dinghy:

  1. Wrap the red line attached to the engine side of the dinghy 2x around the aft winch.
  2. Wrap the blue line located near the bow of the dinghy 2x around the same winch you wrapped the red line around.
  3. Hold the lines tight.
  4. Open the clutches that will allow the lines to move freely.
  5. Slowly lower the dinghy, allowing the blue line (bow) to lower faster than the red line (aft/engine side).
  6. Once the bow of the dinghy is low enough: A crew member needs to enter the boat to insert the drain plug.
  7. Continue to lower the dinghy.
  8. Once the dinghy is fully lowered, the crew member in the dinghy detaches the fasteners and hands them to the person onboard Mango.
  9. Clip davit lines to pad eyes (D rings).
  10. Tidy up: Lock/close rope clutches and coil lift lines.

Steps 1-5

Steps 6-9

Step 10

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