-Here’s what our guests are saying:

Thank you so much for making this an adventure of a lifetime!  We really appreciated every attention to detail!! From picking awesome snorkeling spots, evening coves, planning and the execution of all the delicious meals! We were so delighted to be able to be ourselves which was an added bonus!!

P.S. Thank you so much for all of your knowledge of the US and BVI!  And a special thanks to Capt Kelly for snorkeling with us and teaching us so much!  We will miss you, but we will forever remember you both!

Sharon, Maria, Connie and L C–July 9, 2019


Thank you so much for such an amazing trip!  We had so much fun traveling from island to island and sharing stories.  We are grateful for all the delicious foods that you two made (Karlie is grateful for the chocolate doughnuts).  This was all of our first time staying on a catamaran especially for this long.  You made it feel like home and like the adventure of a lifetime.  Thank you for opening up your home to three complete strangers and showing us an absolutely amazing time and a supper fun new card game!  We are forever grateful for the experience you gave us.  Thank you!

P.S.  Thank you so much for the time you spent with the girls and I!  We have truly enjoyed our time with you.  It was much needed!  I know my parents and sister and husband very much enjoyed their time on your boat!  If you are ever in the Puyallup, Tacoma area our family lake place on Alder lake is open to you.

Blaire, Emily, and Karlie–June 30, 2019


This was such a memorable trip!  Dianne and Kelly –We appreciate your hospitality and Knowledge of the area.  The meals were varied and Delish!  Thank you so much!

Larry Kvalheim and Ellen Parks–Gig Harbor/Edgewood/Tacoma, Washington State

Thank you for your hospitality!!!!  What a treat this trip was!  Everything was great and the food was yummy, also thank you for letting us use the Toys.

Richard and Inge Kvalheim

This is one trip we will never forget! Wonderful sailing on a very stable boat, with a very competent crew!  We loved being able to sail at 7 knots and not be on your ear.  The meals were exceptional and seved with a smile and we were treated to great eating.  Thanks for everything!

Huge and Liz Merritt–May 10, 2019


Thank you for a fabulous week of rest and relaxation!  Whether it was the snorkeling or the swimming off the boat it was great!  Thank you also for meeting my dietary needs.  Thanks for letting the energizer bunny do some tasks and learn how things work on the catamaran.  Love the food and the time to relaz!  Thanks for a great week!

Leslie Grightmire, Cathy M. and Patti Watson–Maple and Peterborough, Ontario, Canada–April 23-30, 2019


Thank you for planning such a fantastic trip for our family!  We appreciate your flexibility with our wish lists and various diet interests.  Even when one of the kids had some GI issues you both offered assistance in case Mom (me) wanted to go off exploring,  We all made amazing memories and we hope to return soon!  Thank you!

Thanks so much for the wonderful adventure!  I’ve never been down here and it was a first time on a boat for more than one night.  Lived “snorkeling” playing and the wonderful food.  Forgot the great painkillers you make!  Karen (with the Smiths)

We had a fantastic time….loaded with adventures.  I, personally snorkeled for the first time ever, and managed to not fall in when I stood on the paddleboard.  that was a 1st!  Kelly than you for taking us knorkling in the best spots.  Dianne thank you for tOhe delicious food!  The sights were breath taking! Will need to get back here!  Mary ( with Smith family)

Jenn, Kyle, Caroline and Brock Smith–April 13-20, 2019


This was truly an adventure for us.  Sailing the ocean blue with such expert guides was amazing!  The food was delicious and the snorkeling was great.  You ladies certainly know your island!  Thank you for a unique experience with two wonderful guides–Much success to you!

Tamita and Delores–Hampton Virginia–“Zombie Crew”


There are no words to express the wonderful experience we shared with you both!  Your attention to details, the selection of places that you shared with us will be in our memories for life!  We both feel that this is the beginning of a new friendship and another blissful way to enjoy life!,  Thank you so very much!

Ondrej and Arvella–April 7, 2019


We have been dreaming of a vacation to the Caribbean for years but always hesitated because of the expense. Don’t get a big head, but this vacation was more than we could ever expected. Thank you for the sailing, meals, experience of catamaraning and go-with-the-flow attitude that made this vacation a memory that we will never forget. Now back to reality and losing all the weight after being feed like a king/Queen for a whole week! May God keep you safe and hopefully we will see you again soon.

Sincerely, Steve and Sandra Learning–Michigan–March 9, 2019

Thank you so much for the Wonderful trip! The food was delicious and we all enjoyed it.

Dan Dahlgren

Thank you so much for the wonderful food and an experience of a lifetime!!!Would like to do this on more time!!! Before the lights go out!

Judy Dahlgren

Thanks for being great hosts for the week. Great food and experiences of a life time. Been a true pleasure.

Karey Williamson – Virginia

Graci for everything! Ditto on all of the food comments–Best eating ever ! Have had excellent food in my life, but this was a first for gourmet “family style” eating! Thanks for filling us in on BVI and VI history and answering my many questions. Best snorkeling guide ever . Kelly—Thanks for all the help with my bad knee–(make that Body)lol! Wishing for success and happiness for you two always.

Donna Williamson


What an adventure this has been! We have had an AWESOME time this week. Seeing all the different islands, all the amazing snorkeling, and of course the Baths (our favorite!) and the delicious food. Thank you so much for hosting us, for your hospitality and patience. This will be one vacation we will always remember for sure. Thank you so much!!!

The Doyles–Kevin, Jen, Aidan and Lindsey–March 2, 2019


Thanks for a fabulous sailing experience! We enjoyed the natural beauty, water sports, fun bars and island hopping. And, we picked this particular boat for the Chefs and you greatly exceeded our expectations. Richelle can’t thank you enough for cooking within her restricted diet–above and beyond in my opinion and the best food I’ve had on this diet! Your hospitality, planning and thinking of all the small details knows. And getting up early to avoid the crowds and get the best moorings shows your commitment to making this the best! We know you worked hard but you did it all behind the scenes and with a smile. Obviously this is your calling! Thanks for the memories, Good food, fun and friendship.

Richelle and Scott Southwick-Savannah Georgia
Les and Brenda Fisher– Atlanta, Georgia–February 16, 2019


This was one of the best vacations we’ve all had in a while. We lost track of time, what day it was. Very relaxing! Food was amazing and we wish that you (Dianne and Kelly) would make a recipe book for us. The activity options were great- snorkeling, the Baths, rum tour. We were able to do date night and had a few days to ourselves to explore. We are sad that the week is over. You helped us create lots of memories and pictures that we will cherish for years. Thanks again for a wonderful experience!!

Sarah and Brett Pardikes and Natalie and Jared Moses– February 9, 2019


Thank you for a wonderful week! We appreciate everything you did to make this trip a memorable one–the snorkeling, delicious meals–and the dolphins! Happy New Year!

The Hahns–Stephen, Sushannah, Olivia, Sam and Maggie–Kentucky, USA January 3, 2019


Kelly and Dianne–Thanks for a fantastic trip! The sailing was awesome and the food delicious! You’re both perfect hosts! We appreciate the time you gave us to explore all the beach bars! And great drinks on the boat too! Merry Christmas!!!!

Barb and Jeff–Bozeman, MT


Thanks for a fun few days. Good food, great laughs and of course a drink or two along the way!

Graff and Eileen–Key West–December 2018

Thanks so much for making our last days of vacation so memorable! If you’re ever in Rincon hit us up at Mangia MI—Milagro is on us!



Kelly and Dianne–Thank you both so much for an incredible week sailing! Your generosity and kindness wee both abundant and very much appreciated! The food was incredible and has inspired me to go home and cook more often–and to try new things! I will take home many fond memories of our time together and hope to join you again sometime!

Sincerely, Stacey and Steve Philips

Kelly and Dianne–What an amazing week we had! Thank you both so much for all you did for us–it was an experience of a lifetime that we will never forget! Your hospitality is off the charts! Thanks for spoiling us all week! And thanks you for remembering my birthday!!

Scott and Angelee–November 2018


Thanks for exceeding any and all expectations. This trip was a bucket list trip for me. I can’t imagine how you could have made it any better. You treated us like Royalty. Food was superb! Words can’t describe the meals. Awesome!! I really enjoyed getting to know you both-fun times snorkeling, playing Mexican Train, planning photography shots, going out to dinner in Anegada and just sitting and enjoying the views, sounds and smells! What a peaceful, relaxing and exhilarating trip.

Kelly Scherbenske–6/3/2018



Words can’t express the joy I have sailing with you! Your humanity and joy is part of this exceptional experience for me too. I’m looking forward to sharing my Mango experience with friends that would enjoy being with you on your journey. Will see you soon. May you always have the wind at your back and a rainbow ahead.
With fondness and joy,

Carol Ledbetter, See you in Yulee! 6/13/2018


Thank you so much for a spectacular journey. Some of our favorite moments include: Breakfast with Mango, Diving and Cannonballs off the boat at Salt pond, Kayaking at Oppenheimer, Long sail on the trampoline,

Mollison/Fallon 5/5/2018



Thank you so much for your hospitality! What a great adventure! The food has been spectacular. It’s been fun spending time with you two. Thanks for helping us check off so many of our bucket list items. It was great and so were the ginger pancakes!
Thanks for a wonderful time!

Nancy and Anne, Kay and Renee–5/20/2018


Thank you for an amazing Anniversary week! We were a bit nervous coming on this adventure, but you made us feel right at home! One of my biggest concerns was safety. We never felt unsafe–Thank you! The food was excellent, the itinerary was awesome and your knowledge of the islands was extremely educational. Sorry we skipped out of a few desserts, we do not usually go to bed at 7:30! Wishing you all the best in the future!
Best wishes!

Dana and Shawn Riley–5/11/2018


Thank you so much for all of the adventures in the BVI! From the amazing food to the awesome snorkeling! I’m so grateful for the experience! Thanks for sharing your home with us!

Brooke and Blake, Austin Texas–4/22/2018


Thank you for opening your home up to us this week. We’ve had a blast! From the trip planning, coordination of scuba dives, countless delicious meals, expert fish knowledge and of course those incredible scones we are so appreciative of you both this week. Wishing you both many adventures and safe sails to come.

Cheers to the Mango! Jamie and Jonathan


This has been the best vacation ever! Thanks so much for the hospitality, great food, great views! We’ll be back! Wonderful trip! Thank you so much for making our dream trip come true. We loved every minute.

Michael and Casey Farris, Grey and Dean Franklin, Galveston Texas–3/01/2018


Thank you for hosting us on your boat/home! Wonderful boat, food and great people! We will always remember our great trip!

Dewey and Kris Lewis, Montgomery, Texas–3/03/2018


Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime! It takes special people to host a group on your beautiful home/boat! Everything was fantastic-the sailing, food and snorkeling was great! Speaking for myself (Brenda) the day we sailed into big waves and Wendy and I were laying on the trampoline was super fun. In two days, I will think of you both when I eat boring cereal for breakfast. Thank you for sharing some of the best the Virgin Islands have to offer. The meals you made were a highlight for me, especially the scallops, grouper, steaks, tacos…I could go on and on.

Brenda and Cathy–2/18/2018


WOW! What a wonderful trip! Everything we’d hoped for and dreamed about and more. You are incredible hosts: Everything taken care of and relaxed at the same time. We’ll remember every great meal and every beautiful spot. Hard to say what the highlights were…felt like it all was a highlight. But a few… big waves, snorkeling at the Indians, Quiet, beautiful mornings, Southern cross, Kelly’s trip up the mast and every single meal. Loved looking at the fish snorkeling and then looking in the book. Thank you so much. We will miss the Mango and Miss you! If you ever get tired of being warm come visit us in Idaho and we will make you a meal.

Wendy and Judy–2/18/2018


Tina and Brian say Thank you! What can I say but “Amazing”! Kelly and Dianne you made us feel welcome and fulfilled every wish we had for our vacation! The food was terrific. Every stop made was better than the last. Thanks for suggesting the “Michael Beans Show”! Keep up the Conch blowing! Kelly, you hold the title now. I love your sense of humor Dianne. Best of wishes to the both of you.

Brian and Tina Reid, Colorado–2/10/2018


To Our Mango Gals! Your cooking, your vessel, your hospitality…everything has been amazing! We couldn’t have had a better experience this year! You are a wonderful couple with so much knowledge of BVI and so much passion for what you do! The laid back manner in which you hosted is exactly what we had hoped for. We can be an overwhelming group with some sketchy behavior, but yet you tolerated us with kindness and grace! Thank you so very much for being so easy to “live with” for our trip. Many wonderful memories were made for sure! Should you ever be in Grand Junction Colorado-look us up!

Butch and Misty –2/10/2018


Thanks for such a special trip aboard the Mango! Such a pleasure to get to spend time with you in your home. Your hospitality was amazing. The food was absolutely fabulous and has inspired us to copy a few recipes. The sailing was great and thanks for letting me attempt to be a “first mate”! You are wonderful hosts and I will treasure every memory. Can’t wait to follow you ladies and hope to see you again!
God Bless!!! Love

Jaime and Doug–2/10/2018


This was our first time sailing in the USVI/BVI and we couldn’t have had a better time with Kelly and Dianne. Thank you for your hospitality! We had a GREAT time at Francis Bay, the Bight at Norman Island, Great Harbor at Jost Van Dyke and lastly at Christmas Cove! We saw plenty of different species including a spotted eagle ray, turtles, squid, “regular” ray and fish names we can’t remember!! One of the many funny moments was seeing Captain Kelly get drenched in Windward Passage near Hawksnest Bay. We shared a lot of laughs and fantastic meals!
Thank you for everything! We wont’ forget the experience!

Bill and Paula Becker, Ramsey, MN–2/20/2018


Thank you so much for such a fun, relaxing time on your beautiful boat! We fell in love with the USVI 3 years ago when we came and stayed at Caneel on St. John. A day sail with Captain Greg helped us want to dream of sailing on a charter boat. We are so grateful we found you and could not have had a better experience. Thank you for all the thoughtful care you put into your charter for us. From amazing food to wonderful sailing and snorkeling, swimming and kayaking (and paddleboard-even though I couldn’t stay up)! Everything was amazing! We thanked God for you and pray he blesses you for all your efforts! So glad you got our humor! We truly had an amazing time, that it is hard to put it all in words-so we will just say Thank You! Thanks for putting up with letting me fly the drone!

Lynda and David Resch, Buffalo MN–2/02/2018


Kelly and Dianne–Thank you for sharing your home with us and for spending the Christmas holiday together! Your hospitality will always be remembered and please know what a special number of memories you helped create for our family. We are grateful to you beyond words. The wonderful, flavorful variety of food was fantastic. Every destination you sailed us to was all we expected and more. May you continue to have a fulfilled life in the USVI/BVI!! We’ve been blessed to have met you!
Thanks you both for the past 8 days. This has by far been the best trip/vacation ever. The water was beautiful, the food fantastic, but your friendship will always be remembered!
Your Hurricane Friends–

Todd, Michelle and Meg Townsend, Hurricane, WV– 12/24/2017


Thank you seems so small compared to the HUGE LIFE EXPERIENCE you gave us! Our week on the Mango and Salsa will forever be a memory I can pull up whenever I want! Kelly and Dianne you are the ones who made our trip. Time Of Our Life!! The Mango is a great boat, the food was excellent, the day trips, snorkeling all were made better because the two of you make a great team! Thank you for singly with us and laughing with us. You made us feel like a part of your family! This trip was beyond our expectations!
Thank you for everything! ‘Ritz on the Water” #7 Love,

Paul and Brenda– 12/21/2017


God is so good, his creation shows his glory and his love shines through both of you! Your hearts are so open and kind and I thank you for making my retirement party perfect! What a great adventure it doesn’t get any better than this!
Thanks for a Fantastic Trip! Love

Pam and Alan Argue 12/21/2017


Thank you for sharing your home with us this past week. This has by far been one of the best experiences of my life! From the food to the teaching of Mexican dominoes to your (probably) extreme patience with us, snorkeling-everything has been perfect! I can’t imagine taking this trip with anyone else! Very happy to be able to call you friends! Glad to have the support of the Mangoes this year during basketball season was well!
Thank you

Kate Dempsey–8/12/2017


Thank you for an amazing charter around BVI and USVI! You are both so welcoming and informative and I am blessed to have taken this journey with you! Thanks for opening up your beautiful home to us! I felt relaxed and rested and this is a credit to both of you! I enjoyed our conversations and loved all of the delicious meals! I hope to stay in touch and be back on the Mango in the near future! May God bless you both on your future journeys
Then are they glad because they be quiet; so he bringeth them unto their desired haven. Psalm 107:30 Love,

Linda Cimino–New York


This was by my best Birthday! Thank you for making 40 so special and one that I will never forget! Thank you for teaching me “How to sleep through the storm”! Look forward to being back on the Mango again soon! Thank you for the meals, the sunsets, the laughs and the incredible hospitality! Your home gave us a week of wonderful adventure. Dianne–don’t stop cooking!! Thanks for exceeding our expectations with every meal and always sharing the table with us. Kelly–Thanks for teaching me so much about the islands. they are so beautiful and endless!!
Unreal Trip!

Angel, Laura 8/12/2017


You undersold when you said “Time of your Life Adventures”, This was the time of four lives! We can’t thank you enough for welcoming us into your home and sharing your experiences and secret snorkeling spots. We will always remember our time of the Mango fondly and hope to made this a yearly visit!
This was the most a mazing experience I ever had! The sights we saw were so amazing, we were so blessed to experience things people never see.
Thank you for everything! Including the great food!

The Komara’s and the Komara girls, Elle and Kinsey– Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 8/03/2017


Thank you so much for an amazing trip! We feel so lucky to have spent our honeymoon with two amazing people. The food and drinks were amazing but the best part was the hospitality you both had towards us. We came to explore the BVI’s but getting a glimpse into your lives down here was truly amazing so thank you both for that. Our discussions around the table and playing Mexican dominos will be greatly missed. We know we have friends in the Caribbean. If you are ever near Cincinnati please reach out and we will show you our home.

Jenn & Tommy Noe 7/23/2017


Thank you so much for such an amazing week! You opened your home to us and showed us the most wonderful hospitality and friendship. The sightseeing, snorkeling and sailing was above and beyond are expectations! We always felt in safe and capable hands with you as our captain! The food, oh my gosh, in a word… phenomenal, you spoiled us with each meal served! We had so much fun, this week far exceeded our expectations, we are grateful! Hopefully we will see you again either by land or sea… and play another round of Mexican train.
Exceptional service, awesome snorkeling and extremely informative. I learned a lot! You two are truly good people, the world could use more like you. Thank for the memories. It was perfect!

Laura Bryce, Vancouver B.C. Canada–Steve Poklemba, Vancouver B.C. Canada (Ft. Myers Fl.) 7/15,2017


Thank you for the Time Of Our Life! This was a special vacation for us and you helped to exceed all expectations. The BVI’s were gorgeous. Snorkeling was awesome. The food was delicious. Playing Mexican train was fun and your company was very enjoyable. We really appreciate all you have done to make this charter excellent and memorable. We wish you well on your future charters and hope to see you again one day–either in the BVI or in Florida.
Take care and enjoy life–

Diane and Jim Kratt, Ft Myers, Florida 7/15/2017


This has been such a wonderful trip. Our family enjoyed every part of it and you made us all feel welcome. This will be one of the best vacation memories for us all. Food was great–thanks for dealing with picky eaters and vegetarians.
Ladies! You ROCK!! Thanks for an incredibly Badass trip…Seeing Jen with Turtles and Max in his element warmed my heart as much as the sun.
The week was awesome! Saw tons of new creatures, great company and amazing food. So glad Sean got to fish too! Thanks for a great trip!

Lynn Hedesh-Bend Oregon, Jen, Sean, Max and Drew from China! 7/01/2017


Why would anyone want to go back to the city when we could stay and sail on Mango! The 5 days we spent with you have been what memories are made of. Fabulous company, incredible food, lots of laughs, great weather, movie night and snorkeling!
We tried to stay but you made us go!!!! with that being said —- see you next year—bye for now!

Amy, Carol and Melissa!! 6/07/2017


You two have made this voyage more than just a “check” on our bucket list. Instead you have started what could be a lifelong ritual of visiting these beautiful islands. Thank you for opening up your home and sharing favorite recipes and foods with us. Those little things mean a lot. The itinerary worked perfectly. The coves each had something special to offer…and all those snorkeling spots opened up a whole new world to us. It has been a pleasure to be around your kind spirits and welcoming attitude, it’s infectious! We’re heading home now overfilled with great memories. Enjoy your time in the islands. Fondly,

Marge and Skatts

P.S. This was so much more than we could have imagined. Thank you for everything.. Until next time….. take care.

Hanne (aka Skatts) 4/29/2017


Norman and Peter stepped on Dead chest, traded Salt with Cooper for Ginger, tripped over Round rock, fell over Jerusalem and found Virgin Gorda!! Frenchy found a new love of her life-Capts K&D, Mango and the US & BVI. Thanks for an amazing Journey! All the best to you both!

Val (AKA Frenchy) 4/29/2017


The best journeys in life always end with the addition of new friends, Extraordinary adventures and memories that shine like the sun. Thank you for giving us all of the above. Our days with you two have been nothing short of amazing you are gracious and kind hosts who cook like Julia Childs, Captain like Edward Teach (but much nicer!) and share knowledge like Watson. Thank you in a way words will never adequately describe.

Jena (aka Finley) 4/29/2017

Thank you for a great trip and coordinating with Maki as well. We look forward to coming back to explore the rest of the BVI.

Mike, Lauri and Jordan Walker Boston Mass. 4/22/2017

Thank you Kelly and Dianne for a lovely sail this week. Cliff and I were indeed blessed by your hospitality. Thank you both for making our ten year wedding anniversary a very special occasion. You do indeed feel like family. Love,

Kathy Runge, Aspen, Colorado 4/09/2017

Kelly and Dianne

Lynn and David 3/26/2017


Time of your Life Adventures lived up to every part of its name. We feel so blessed to have met you.Spent time with you and made some amazing adventures with you both. Your life and your story is so inspiring. We all feel a sence of renewal that came directly from our time with you. You are both so talented and we are forever blessed. Thank you always

Dan and Kelli Smith, BJ and Stacee Sparrow
P.S. The Mango Chutney will live in infamy!! 3/13/2017


Thanks you for a wonderful holiday vacation. So many beautiful bays and amazing stars. Your knowledge of the sea and sailing is impressive. The food was outstanding. The healthiest we have ever eatin while on vacation. You are wonderful people and gifted sharing your life.
Thank you,

Kelly and John 1/2/2017


We’ve had an amazing family vacation! Thank you Dianne and Kelly for showing us so much of the Caribbean and your caring hospitality. We also enjoyed all the delicious meals you prepared. Truly an great trip! Thanks so much–.

The Kohs 12/24/2016


You both are just a joy! Thank you for sharing your world with us. I’m looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures. Fabulous food! Peace,

Linda Salmon 12/14/2016

This has been the most incredible experience. So thankful to be able to share in the gift God has given you both. You use them beautifully to lighten those entrusted to you. Thanks again for your service and graciousness and making this such a great trip for us. Blessings,

Jeff and Julie Cox, Waco Texas 12/14/2016

Thanks so much for the most wonderful holiday Kelly and Dianne! You two really were the best hosts I’ve ever experienced, herding us gently on our journey with the lightest touch. You seem to have found the perfect vocation for both of your considerable talents. Can’t thank you enough for providing the perfect space to spend time with those I love most–and all the while getting to know both of you. Marvelous all around! Cheers,

Dan Salmon 12/14/2016

Just the best adventure ever! You are so good at your craft! Everything about this trip was enhanced by you. We cannot express our gratitude fully. Bucket list item checked off. Thanks for our family memories. Thanks Again

Steve and Linda 12/14/2016

Thank you so much for being are guides on this trip of a lifetime! We had the best honeymoon we could’ve asked for. Your hospitality and food were incredible! We will remember this trip and you both for the rest of our lives. You made the trip so special and we are so grateful. Maybe we will cross paths again someday. Best wishes on all your adventures!

Damien and Allison 8/28/16

Mondays always suck, but today is especially awful as we prepare to leave Mango and go back home. We had such an incredible time seeing all the different islands. Thank you for putting together a wonderful itinerary and making sure we made it up to the Baths. We really enjoyed our time on land, on deck, and under water. You were exceptional hosts! Thanks for putting up with us and sorry if we drank all the white wine in the USVI/BVI area. Best wishes to you both and we hope our paths will cross again.

Erica and John Livingstone 6/18/2016

Thank you for a wonderful couple of days. We had the best time snorkeling and just chilling. The food was awesome. Great way to end a week at St. John.

– Kelly & Rabbit
Stephanie & Tony
Pam & Ed
April 23-25 2016

“Hard to Beat this Bucket List Vacation!”
We (two couples) just returned from a week exploring the US and British Virgin Islands with the crew of The Mango – Captain Kelly Conrader and Dianne Winter. We booked this vacation as a bucket list adventure and a way to really see the Virgin Islands. We came away with lifelong friends who are now more like family.

Chartering a catamaran in the Virgin Islands allows you to see so much more of the islands. Our adventure started in Red Hook on St Thomas. Kelly met us at the American Yacht Harbor and took us to the Mango’s mooring where we met Dianne. We unpacked and were given an overview of our itinerary before embarking to St John where we snorkeled, hiked and spent our first night. Early the following day we headed for Soper’s Hole, Tortola in the British Virgin Islands where we cleared customs before heading to Norman Island.

Each day we were greeted with coffee and tea and waited with Kelly and Dianne for the sun to rise. Dianne would whip up some fabulous breakfasts of various pancakes, eggs, fruits, pastries before we headed to our next island adventure.

Kelly was our “fish” and guided us through some amazing snorkels! Her extensive knowledge and love of the islands enriched our vacation. She couldn’t wait to jump in the water and help us locate the most exotic of sea life. She was also our “taxi” and boated us to shore in their dingy for those hikes and land explorations.

Dianne and Kelly are Le Cordon Bleu instructor and chefs. This was especially appealing as I am food obsessed. They did not disappoint – steaks, shrimp scampi, cobb salad….breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, appetizers, happy hour…I died and went to “foodie heaven”. Dianne worked her magic in the cat’s galley – magnificent!

The islands are beautiful – each one has a different feel. Our journey took us to St Thomas, St John, Tortola, Norman, Cooper, Salt, Mosquito, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, Marina Cay and Jost Van Dyke. Kelly chose these islands based on our likes and must sees. It was perfection!

The trip from start to finish far exceeded our expectations. But I will most remember the lovely Kelly and Dianne, our hosts on our voyage. They are talented, professional, and are “people” people. They shared their “home” and “passions” and gave us an experience in the Virgin Islands that we will never forget.

– Rebecca & Jon

Thank you for making our vacation amazing! We could not have asked for a better crew than the two of you. This is a vacation and memories to last a lifetime. Everything about this trip was amazing!

– Ramona & Anthony
April 13-20 2016

We had an Awesome time! food was great! Thanks for making Mark and Jeff’s 50th Birthdays special!

– Beth & Mark

Thank you so much for the wonderful sailing adventure. We have truly had a relaxing and enjoyable time, something my husband needed greatly! Dianne your cooking was truly a pleasure and very delicious. I will definitely try working some of your magic into my own recipes. Kelly, thank you for the smooth sailing, my stomach appreciates it! Good luck to you both and we hope to see you in the future!!

– Jeff & Leslie
March 30-April 4 2016

Thank you for the best vacation ever! It is too difficult to choose any one experience that was the best because everything was amazing! very day we woke to delicious meals and a beautiful island. Never having to worry about what was next because we were in such capable hands was a relief! You both always knew where to send us with excellent tips! We hate to leave you, but know you deserve a vacation from our crazy! If you ever make it back to the mainland, come see us in Seattle, although we’d always rather visit you!

– Jenna, Lou, Arden, Leo and Mac
March 22-30 2016

We had an incredible Trip! Thank you for opening your home, your amazing kitchen and your hearts. The food, sunsets and adventures were just what we needed a perfect antidote to the craziness of work. We wish you continued good fortune, peace & joy.
Thank you both for creating such an awesome experience for all of us. We thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality, smiles, knowledge and cooking! I couldn’t imagine anything better. The only difficult thing we have to do is leave.
Between the great food and great fun we relaxed on the trampoline, and laughed with the crew and family. The best vacation we’ve had in a while, by far. Our goal is to come back for years to come. We greatly appreciate your hospitality, knowledge and care.
Roses are red
Jacks can be blue
I like boats
Thanks to you

Roses are red
The sky is blue
The trip was amazing
And so are you

– Ostrow Family
March 17-21 2016

Thank you for a wonderful week. Thanks for the wonderful food, service, company & for giving us almost perfect weather! It is a wonderful thing you get to do with your time. Enjoy it. It goes way too fast. I’ll be with you mentally throughout the future. AHH… fresh air, blue skies, the most beautiful water. I will remember and treasure this trip always.
Thank you for a tremendous week sailing the seas! It was peaceful, relaxing, and most enjoyable! Thank you for the fun and memories!!!

– Lisa & Alec
February 26 – March 4 2016

Where do I start? This trip was beyond our expectations! The way you both made us feel so welcome, to the way you spoiled us along the way was unparalleled. The trip was planned to perfection as we always got to our destinations before the crowd so we could enjoy the sights as authentically as if we were the ones to discover them. The food was unbelievably delicious and I so appreciated the desserts!
Thank you for this trip of a lifetime and most of all, Thank you for being the amazing people that you are!

– Kara & Manny

Eric and I can’t imagine what the islands would be like without you! The best description of the way you host is: Subtle hospitality, You made us feel so comfortable and cared for without feeling smothered! You’re incredibly thoughtful and we appreciated every minute of it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

– Jenna & Eric
February 3-10 2016

“Perfect Vacation!”
My husband and I just traveled on the Mango for our honeymoon. After planning a wedding for a year, we didn’t give Kelly and Diane much direction, but they were AWESOME – it is like we told them everything we wanted to do, see and eat, because I couldn’t have planned it better! They were very knowledgeable about the Islands and made it easy to enjoy everything. I would recommend them to any of my own friends and family!

– Nicky and Matt Wallace
January 2-6 2016

“Perfect day!!”

Our family spent a day on the Mango on January 12, 2016. I researched for days to find the right fit for our family, and I couldn’t have made a better choice! Kelly and Dianne were extremely gracious hosts. The Mango is in pristine condition and we especially enjoyed spending time on the trampolines in the front. Food and drinks were offered from the moment we stepped on board, and the lunch that was freshly prepared was incredibly delicious. They had even made sure to ask about ours and our children’s preferences ahead of time to ensure that we’d like the food, too. Snorkelling excursions through our cruise ship had been cancelled due to north swells, but because we booked a private catamaran for the day, they were able to bring us to a small, quiet bay where we could snorkel all day. It was truly as picturesque as paradise! We saw many sea turtles, manta rays, and other tropical fish. We also saw many Pelicans and other interesting birds. Kelly and Dianne were also very accommodating and patient with our boys, especially our youngest who was a bit nervous. In fact, Kelly even designed a floating raft for him and took him along with her so he could enjoy his day too while Mom and Dad snorkelled. She pointed out many things to him and he loved every minute of it. Our day on the Mango will never be forgotten. I would not hesitate in recommending time with them if you are ever in St. Thomas. Thank you for a perfect, memorable day!

– Tina H and Family January 2016

“Private Family Catamaran Day Sail on Mango – Just Perfect!”
Captain Kelly met us outside Molly Malone’s restaurant in Red Hook, St. Thomas at 9AM. This was a 20 minute taxis ride from the cruise ships and $11/PP. Kelley took us out to the Mango in their dingy. We were greeted by Chef Dianne. We settled into the cockpit area and had a great chat getting to know each other. I was onboard with my wife, Susan and her Aunt Wanda.

They got the mainsail up and we headed out of Red Hook. Once out of the bay, the jib went up, we stopped motoring and we started really sailing. We tacked our way over to St. Johns. Diane had some fresh baked banana bread and fruit and cheese out for us to enjoy. Fantastic! We sailed over to Maho Bay and picked up a mooring. Beautiful spot with maybe eight other boats spread out over a large area. Susan and I went snorkeling over to the rocky shore to see the fish, corals, etc. We saw angel fish, lobster, sand sting ray and lots of other small fish. At one point a school of maybe 200 silver bar jacks passed right through us. Really cool being surrounded for twenty seconds. If we had snorkeled in the other direction towards the long beach, we probably would have seen the turtles.

For our cooking class (which we requested over doing another snorkel spot), Chef Dianne showed us every step how to make a delicious Caribbean style chicken stew and fig tarts. We had a great stew lunch with pita bread while sitting outside on the back of their cat surrounded by the solitude and beauty of St. John. The back is also covered with side flaps to protect you from too many rays or if a rain shower passes over. The fig tarts lasted most of the way back : )

Eventually, we headed back towards St. Thomas with the wind at our backs. This was the perfect time to lay up on the front trampolines and watch the cat cut through the water. So relaxing! Kelly and Diane are two really fine and delightful people. We so enjoyed sharing our pasts and learning so much about living on a catamaran. Aunt Wanda had never been on a sailboat before. She was very comfortable and at ease. These two ladies will make your day sail or extended stay just perfect.

P.S. Thanks for letting me help pull on a few lines here and there XO

– Rob B December 2015

“I’d go back just for the food…”

Kelly & Dianne made the trip… Kelly Captain’d the ship like a pro and took us to all the BVI highlights without hitch. What I thought was great was that she knew when to head where to beat the crowds and get the best mooring location, not to mention the best snorkel places for spotting turtles. Chef Dianne was a phenomenal classically trained French Chef (and the best part was willing to teach some of her skills too). I ate better that week than any other week ever, and all from a kitchen on a boat! Ultimately, my fiance and I along with our friends had a truly amazing time. We always felt welcomed and more than catered to. I’ve already recommended Mango to friends and family.

– Michael November 2015

“Amazing Trip!”

My husband and I and 2 other couples (all in our early 30s) chartered Mango over Thanksgiving week. We cannot say how much we loved this trip. Kelly and Dianne were the absolute sweetest and very accommodating to our group. I wish we could go back tomorrow and do it all over again…. hopefully one day we will!
Food and Service:
Can’t complain one bit about the food/service. With both ladies coming from strong cooking backgrounds, we ate like kings and queens. Who know this level of food could be produced out of a mini kitchen on a catamaran?! We were well taken care of throughout each day on the boat.
Kelly and Dianne were very accommodating with a few stop requests we had. They did their best to always get the best mooring and anchor locations. The views were absolutely spectacular and so memorable.Sleeping Cabins and Lounging:
Comfortable beds and accommodations for each of the couples! It was nice to have our own rooms with ensuite bathrooms. We loved sleeping with the hatches open to enjoy the breeze.
We also really enjoyed the trampoline nets at the front of the catamaran. It was so fun to just hang out there while we sailed, and even enjoy a movie under the stars. Ah, paradise.
I would highly recommend a 7-day charter with Mango. If you are looking for a week of pure relaxation where you don’t have to think about planning meals or the itinerary, this is the trip to do. The USVIs and BVIs are just beautiful places to visit. Kelly and Dianne were absolutely amazing hosts and hope more people can experience the type of trip we had.

– Alison and Blake November 2015

Dianne and Kel, Thanks for the most awesome trip ever! The food, the company, sailing and snorkeling was exquisite!! We will always remember the funny laughs we had too!!! Think we have some stories to tell….!
Lovely Dianne, Lovely Kelly, Outstanding vacation aboard Mango, from all the laughs to the heart to heart conversations, truly will always be apart of our lives. Thank you so much for your expertise in all areas! Food, scenery, sailing and your company will have us bragging for many years to come.

– Josh and Ellen

Dear Kelly and Dianne, Wow! What an amazing past 4 days! Thank you Kelly for making us feel safe with your sailing knowledge and Dianne thank you for sharing your culinary expertise with our taste buds and tummies! We look forward to sailing with you again. May the Sun always be on your back and the Wind in your sails! Sincerely,

– Kelly and Suzanne

Dear Dianne and Kelly, Not being sure of the date, time, or day of week is exactly why we came on this trip. I’d call it Mission accomplished! Sara and I had a truly eye-opening experience aboard Mango, and we are thankful for every untracked minute, It was amazing to see all of the different parts of the Islands and all of the great sights that we never would have known to see. You made us feel very at home in an environment quite foreign to us. Thanks for everything you taught us, showed us, and fed us! Should we happen to come back this way we know where to find you!! Best,

– Fred and Sara

Dearest Kelly and Dianne, My heart and spirit are filled up and overflowing. My cup truly runneth over! Your warmth and hospitality were absolutely soothing and comforting. I am grateful for the time spent with you both! May the Universe continue to richly bless you in all your future endeavors. With much Love and Joy and Blessings

– Linda Christian

Kelly and Dianne, Thanks, Thanks for the most adventurous and special time with you both. This is truly one of the most wonderful times I’ve had. I wish you both continued success and blessings. Your new sister in Life!

– Karen Jones

Dianne and Kelly, Great people with comforting spirits are hard to find, and this weekend was more than amazing! Your commitment and dedication to create an experience of a lifetime is out of this world! God is going to ensure a successful future for you both! Love always

– Kyza

Dear Kelly and Dianne, Thank you for a wonderful trip! You were both great with Annan! He will miss you both, so will we. P.S. Let it Go!!!

– Nina and Scott Waldick

Di and Kelly, The last 3 nights-4 days have been amazing. You ladies have showed us a side to nature we don’t get to see very often. We have loved our adventure with you so much. Our favorite day had to be swimming with the petting zoo. The turtles, octopus, rays, eagle rays, fish were unbelievable. It was like they all came out to say hello! A day we won’t forget. Oh, the barracuda under the boat and all the squid too. Such an adventure. No review would be complete without a rave review to Dianne. Our personal Chef from the School of cordon Bleu is the best we have ever had. I can’t even tell you my favorite dish, they all ranked at the top. The Shrimp scampi and the cheese plate with the pears and the delish Ginger pancakes. So wonderful! You ladies treated us like family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. An incredible journey! Good luck to you and Mango! We can’t wait to do it again in the BVI’s!

– Jill and John

Girls, Thank you very much for an amazing week. Thoroughly enjoyed all your cooking and glad you two got to see the wedding!

– Don, Los Angeles

Wonderful time on the Mango with Kelly and Dianne! A lovely trip, fabulous meals and great memories.

– Rita Balice-Gordon

Kelly and Diane absolutely gave us the time of our lives!
We snorkeled, we swam, we soaked in the sun, we sung and danced!
We ate great food, drank wonderful rum and had unlimited beer.
We swam with turtles, rays and the world’s most colorful fish.
We explored deserted islands, climbed rocks and visited historic sights.
I learned cooking tips, all about the night sky and intro to sailing.
Always a warm dry towel to wrap around us as we climbed out of the water.
Always felt safe and welcomed.

– Dick and Mary Paul

Absolutely fantastic charter option for a half day, full day or extended time adventure. Wonderful, kind-hearted people with excellent service, quality equipment and amazing food. This trip will make you appreciate the Caribbean and the people who love it here. Highly recommend.

– Gloria Zakers

Kelly and Dianne, Thank you for the time of our lives adventure! Keep the good times sailing! Ain’t this swimming!

– Jenny and Atsumi

We want you to know what a wonderful trip we had. You two went out of your way to make sure we had a good time. It was so nice to be in the hands of such good sailors. We wish you all the best with your tours on the Mango.

– Sharon and Bill, Dayton Texas

Kelly and Dianne, Thank you so much for a wonderful experience aboard the Mango. You truly helped make our honeymoon the trip of a lifetime! Hope to see you around Mt Dora sometime!!

– Liz and Dan

Had the best time. Good eats too.

– Greg Schroeder