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One of our favorite places to take guests in the BVI, is The Indians. The Indians are an archipelago consisting of 4 rocky pinnacles rising straight up about 100’ from the ocean floor, about 50’ of that is above the water. The Indians lie outside of the Bight on Norman Island.  They are about halfway between St John’s easternmost point and Peter Island’s westernmost point.

This is a great early morning stop, we leave the Bight at first light and motor over to the Indians (about 15 minutes). When our guests get up we serve breakfast. Once everyone is finished eating, we get ready to go snorkeling. We usually head out towards the south end of the rocks, as you make the turn around the point there is an abundance of fish of all kinds… blue tang, black surgeon, trumpet fish, yellow tail damsel fish, creole wrasse, blue headed wrasse and many others. As you make your way up the eastern side there are many more fish and all kinds of coral.

It is a special stop so come book a charter on Mango so we can take you here!

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The Indians, BVI

The Indians, BVI

Sunrise at The Indians, BVI

The Indians, BVI

Stoplight Parrotfish





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