8 Reasons To Visit The Virgin Islands In May

8 Reasons To Visit The Virgin Islands In May

When is the best time to visit the Virgin Islands?

The answer is, anytime. The best time depends on what you want out of a vacation. Like most locations, the Virgin Islands has seasonal weather, events, activities, and wildlife that will impact when you think is best time to visit. For me, the month of May is by far the best time to come to the Virgin Islands.

May in the islands is marvelous. It is a bit perplexing for me that more people don’t visit during this time of year. May should top the list of best times of year to visit the USVI and BVI.

Reasons why you should choose to the come to the islands in May:

  1. The weather is amazing with temperatures ranging from the mid 80s during the day and low 70s at night.  Rain showers are seldom. Sunny weather is almost guaranteed.
  2. The water temperature is a comfortable 81° F/27° C
  3. Crowds are sparse
  4. Water visibility is at its best
  5. Stargazing is excellent – Eta Aquaria Meteor Shower is active between April 19 – May 28 every year. Its peak for 2017 is from May 5th to May 6th.
  6. Airfares are inexpensive compared to the peak season rates
  7. Mother’s Day
  8. Memorial Day

The last two reasons on the list have little to do with what the islands have to offer. However, they are a part of why May is the perfect time to get away to the BVIs and USVIs. Memorial Day marks the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer. It is also a paid holiday for most US citizens. Think long weekend and get paid to play!

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate Mom. A well deserved vacation in the islands is a splendid way to thank Mom for all she does for the family.

May is the perfect time to honor mom and to create great memories.

BVI - Family vacation - May, 1974

Conrader Family Vacation – BVI – May, 1974

Mom - Family Vacation - Tortola, BVI - 1999

Mom – Family Vacation – Tortola, BVI – 1999

USVI family sailing vacation May, 2015

Mom, Dad, Jen, & Dianne – USVI May, 2015

For me, nothing honors Mom more than sailing. Many happy moments from my childhood include time spent sailing with my Mom in the islands.

The time of year reminds me of our first family visit to the Virgin Islands in 1974 and the joy of spending time together. I remember Mom sharing her thoughts on how wonderful sailing is for the soul and that there are few places where she feels more at home and at ease than while sailing in the islands.

The lessons I learned from both of my parents on our first trip to the Virgins still serve me well. Mom taught me how to properly adjust the sails, how to make sure the anchor is set, and ways to identify fish and coral. She also lead the way as we explored The Caves on Norman Island and The Baths on Virgin Gorda. Those memories and the time we spent as a family sailing around the virgin islands are moments I will charish forever. Looking back now, I’m aware that the experiences led to my decision to call the islands home.

In retrospect, I recognize that choosing May as my favorite time to visit the Virgin Islands is somewhat nostalgia related. However, it also has a lot to do with it being a wonderful time of year to bask in the splendor of  the US and British Virgin Islands.

One thing that I can pretty much guarantee is that no matter when you visit the Virgin Islands, regardless if it is the USVI, BVI, or both, you will certainly make memories that will last a lifetime.

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